ABout 2G Fund

An avenue for your inspiration to serve by way of donating to causes that matter. The world of technology and communication may have advanced by leaps and bounds, but at Chinmaya Mission 2G connectivity matters most. What is that, you may ask? 2G = 2 = God and Guru. It is by their inspiration alone that all projects and initiatives of Chinmaya Mission exist, with the noble intent of service to mankind. 2G fills the heart with an abundance of love that spills over as service. The 2 in 2G Fund also indicates that whatever service is undertaken in Chinmaya Mission, is offered 2 (to) God and Guru.

The Lord’s work is not reserved for just one person or one group. 2G Fund gives everyone the opportunity to join hands to co-create, to co-inspire and to be change-makers in society. The idea is not just to initiate campaigns, but to together proceed on a selfless pilgrimage of service. Join hands and hearts with 2G Fund.

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